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I’ve come across a small annoyance with SSH when waiting for a server to boot. For instance, while starting a Karaf container, rebooting a Linux VM, or waiting for an AWS instance to come online, I don’t like having to continually retry to connect to the server. Instead, I’ve been using a small little Bash function for a while now to continually retry to connect to the server. What’s neat about how this works is that if you get disconnected, it will continue to retry. However, if you disconnect manually, it will stop retrying because SSH exits with a successful status when you disconnect properly. The following function can be used with any implementation of SSH, but I recommend using OpenSSH.

I have tagged version 1.0.7 of psgrep(1), the simple little shell script to search through your processes, with a focus on GitHub-related updates. This includes a cleaner README, a GitHub pages site, and updated bug reporting links for using GitHub. This officially marks the migration of the psgrep repository, once again, to a new host. Note that this has been mirrored on GitHub since version 1.0.6 for use with package managers, and now I’ve also added release notes for all the historical versions going back to 1.0.3 all the way from 2007! Oh wow has it been that long? This project has gone through multiple source code management systems including Subversion, Mercurial, and Git, across at least two or three different hosts. I can imagine that Git is here to stay for a while, but they say that about everything.